Kirby Says Biden Will Keep Protecting American Troops in Syria

( – US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told journalist Margaret Brennan during a Sunday appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that President Joe Biden is fully committed to maintaining the presence of American troops in Syria, in the wake of different attacks that were backed by the Iranian regime.

Last Thursday, US officials said that an Iranian-backed organization decided to execute a drone attack against a US base located in the northeastern region of the Middle Eastern country. The attack resulted in five American service members injured and one killed. Right after this attack, President Biden ordered American forces to respond with precision airstrikes.

About this hit suffered by the American troops, Kirby told Brennan that President Biden acted in a bold and swift manner, adding there could be more actions to come in the short term in order to protect the US soldiers in Syria.

During his appearance on CBS, the US National Security Council spokesman said that the Biden administration will always take the most efficient actions to defend and protect American troops and facilities, pointing out that the United States won’t back down in its effort to eliminate ISIS in the region. He explained this is one of the reasons why the Biden administration still has “under 1,000 troops in Syria” that are still going against the terrorist organization, even when this one has been “greatly diminished”.

Over the last few years, the Iranian regime has increased its efforts to target US forces in Syria and Iraq. Different analysts have been pointing out that the main reason why Teheran has decided to focus its attacks in Syria is that Iran believes that the United States’ commitment to this country is weaker than ever, following the geopolitical vision of the Trump administration and the way it hasn’t changed with President Biden, despite his campaign claims and promises that things would change in this aspect if he managed to win the presidential election.

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