Kremlin Blasts Polish Government for Renaming Kaliningrad to Krolewiec

( – The Kremlin blasted Poland’s government on Wednesday after it decided to rename the Russian City of Kaliningrad on Polish maps to the historical title of Krolewiec. Moscow said this move was another example of Poland’s madness and the clearest evidence of its hatred for Russia.

As reported by Russian state-run media outlet TASS, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Warsaw’s decision to rename this city is part of different processes that “verge on madness.”  He also said this was such an extremist and provocative act that it’s “not even Russophobia any longer.”

Polish media outlets pointed out that designating this city as Krolewiec will only take place on Polish maps, following a recommendation from a government commission to make the change. Experts believe this is a topic that shows the historic feud between the two countries and the way so many tragedies that took place during the communist era are still remembered by many Polish, including the government of Andrzej Duda. Additionally, this is another example of how Poland has become one of the most anti-Russia NATO nations since the Kremlin decided to invade Ukraine in 2022, with Duda’s officials claiming that if the international community fails to stop Russia, Poland will be next.

Krolewiec, which is currently administered by Russia, is sandwiched between the Baltic Sea on the east, Lithuania on the north, and Poland to the South. The city was formerly known by the German name of Koenigsberg and was inhabited by Germans and Prussians for numerous centuries. Before it was finally ceded to the extinct Soviet Union at the end of World War II, the city was part of Poland for a short period.

The Soviet Union renamed it Kaliningrad to honor the leader of the Bolshevik revolution Mikhail Kalinin. The commission of the Polish government changed it to Krolewiec as it claimed he was accountable for the deaths of 21,000 Polish POWs in 1940.

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