Kremlin Denies Olympics Disinformation Campaign and Slanders Microsoft

( – The Kremlin denied an allegation that it’s waging a disinformation campaign against France, President Macron, and the Olympic Games in Paris this year.

The Microsoft Threat Analysis Center, or the MTAC, said, “Russia is ramping up malign disinformation campaigns against France, French President Emmanuel Macron, the International Olympic Committee, and this summer’s Olympic Games in Paris.”

They claimed that they’ve seen “Old tactics blending with artificial intelligence in malign activity that may intensify as the 2024 Paris Opening Ceremony approaches.” It’s said that the operational goals were to “denigrate the reputation of the IOC” and to “create the expectation of violence breaking out in Paris at the Games.”

Russia has had a sore spot about the Olympics after Russian and Belarusian athletes were banned from participating in the competition due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

It’s said that they can compete as a neutral competitor, but those who are associated with the Russian or Belarusian military, national security agencies, or who actively support the war are not allowed to participate.

In recent months, Russia’s relations with France have taken a toll, especially after the French President stated that they would send ground troops into Ukraine if it was requested. These comments sent NATO members scrambling to clear the air, stating that they had no intentions of doing that, and that it wasn’t agreed-upon within NATO.

Russia has claimed that news sources and the media’s portrayal of Russia have pushed “Russophobia” and claimed that there was a misinformation campaign directed toward Russia. “The embassy appeals to the French authorities to put an end to the unprovoked and unsubstantiated anti-Russian information campaign,” said the Russian Embassy.

The Embassy continued, “The Russian Embassy in France expresses its strong protest against a new Russophobic campaign launched in the French media. The hysteria unleashed is already directly affecting the security of Russian citizens in France, including Embassy staff.”

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