Kristen Welker Got Caught Tipping Off Hillary in 2016, but She Will Still Moderate Trump Debate

Kristen Welker Got Caught Tipping Off Hillary in 2016 — but She Will Still Moderate Trump Debate

( – Presidential debates should be led by unbiased moderators who ask both candidates tough questions, allowing the American public to see and understand their policies, personalities, and how they work under pressure. But, Kristen Welker, the moderator for the second presidential debate, has a history of debate manipulation and strong left-leaning beliefs.

In 2016, Welker prompted the Communications Director of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Jen Palmieri, about the topics she would question her on in a supposedly candid interview. In addition, the NBC journalist has a long history of anti-Trump rhetoric, which she attempted to hide by temporarily deleting her Twitter account.

President Donald Trump also shared his thoughts on the moderator choice:

While Kristen Welker clearly aligns herself with the Democratic party, often traveling with members of the Obama administration, it changes nothing. The Commission on Presidential Debates will still allow her to moderate the second and final showdown between Joe Biden and President Trump on Thursday, October 22.

Even with the likelihood of biased questions at the next debate, hopefully, we’ll get a better understanding of each candidates’ plans to bring America back to its prime.

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