Kyle Rittenhouse Will Sue LeBron James for Defamation

Kyle Rittenhouse Will Sue LeBron James for Defamation

( – LeBron James, arguably one of the best basketball players in the world, has found himself neck-deep in controversy in recent years. While it’s likely he feels untouchable; he’s still vulnerable to the law, which Kyle Rittenhouse now wants to expose. The teen involved in the shooting of three people in Kenosha, WI, has made it clear he intends to sue the King.

James’ trash-talking has caught up to him. It’s one thing to get carried away on the basketball court, but to single out an individual and essentially call them a liar on social media for everyone to see? Now, that’s asking for trouble, which is precisely what the King found himself in.

While speaking with David Hernandez, a witness in the Rittenhouse trial, the now 19-year-old declared he intends to send everyone a letter informing them they’re being sued for defamation, adding that Lebron James himself would be getting one. Rittenhouse noted that he would deal with all of them in the courtroom after talking about his Media Accountability Project, which raises funds to help pay for legal fees associated with taking media outlets and individuals to court over alleged defamation.

Rittenhouse also mentioned that he would be going after ABC’s “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg for calling him a murderer, despite the court and a jury of peers acquitting him of all five felony charges.

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