Kyle Rittenhouse’s Jury Threatened by George Floyd’s Nephew

Kyle Rittenhouse's Jury Threatened by George Floyd's Nephew

( – The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is still underway as both sides make their cases. As of now, Rittenhouse seems to be winning with his claim of self-defense. The evidence makes a strong representation for the 18-year-old so far, but when it is all said and done, it’s up to the jury to decide.

Due process hasn’t stopped some outside influences from trying to impact the verdict. Cortez Rice, an alleged nephew of George Floyd, apparently threatened the Rittenhouse jury to sway a guilty verdict.

In a video, Rice explains that members of the jury in Rittenhouse’s trial are under surveillance. Rice also declared in the video that he expects the jury to find Rittenhouse guilty or face the consequences.

The presiding judge of the case, Bruce Schroeder, admitted that someone was recording the jury on the morning of November 9. Judge Schroeder explained that officers approached the person and requested they delete the video. Schroeder affirmed that the police would take the phone and present it to the court if it happened again. It’s possible the jury saw Rice’s video because they are not sequestered.

Rice’s bull-headed approach isn’t the most dignified way to convince a jury, but he’s not alone in the behavior. Maxine Waters, US Representative (D-CA), attended a riot the weekend before Derek Chauvin’s trial, where she insisted a manslaughter charge for the man who killed Floyd wasn’t enough. She added, if the jury didn’t find Chauvin guilty of murder, the crowd would need to ramp things up.

Her approach may have worked as the court found Chauvin guilty of first-degree murder. These tactics are difficult to stop and even harder to prosecute, meaning people will continue using them to get what they want.

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