LA Gangs Target Hollywood Elites in a Surprising New Way

LA Gangs Target Hollywood Elites in a Surprising New Way

( – Crime has been on the rise since President Biden took over the White House, namely in metropolitan areas such as New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles (LA). The crime wave isn’t just impacting low and middle-class Americans anymore; the wealthy are also vulnerable. This is especially true in LA, where gangs are targeting celebrities and other elites in Hollywood.

There’s a trend taking place in the City of Angels, as gangs are going after the rich and violently robbing them. These gangs look for people driving high-end luxury vehicles, expensive jewelry, and designer clothes. SFGate reported that authorities have identified at least 17 different gangs taking part in these robberies, including the infamous Crips and Bloods.

These criminals are aggressively robbing their victims and taking off with diamond-studded jewelry, designer handbags, and other luxury items worth thousands of dollars. From there, they sell the items to people on the black market, or others who will turn a blind eye. SFGate claims there were 165 of these robberies in 2021, with 56 already taking place this year alone.

Police indicated they’ve taken several suspects into custody, only to have them released soon after and commit even more crimes. Authorities are calling these “follow-off” or “follow-home” robberies because the suspects follow their victims from expensive hotels, clubs, restaurants, and boutiques, common grounds for criminals to scout potential targets.

The crimes come at a time when activists on both sides want change. Some want the police to undergo some type of reform, while others ask for larger budgets. With crime spiking, larger budgets may not be a bad idea, but some people believe the police are blowing the problem out of proportion to secure more funding.

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