LA Mayor Blasts Abbott for Shipping More Migrants Her Way

( – Los Angeles Democratic Mayor Karen Bass criticized Texas Republican Governor Gregg Abbott on August 21 for transporting more migrants to the city. She blasted the GOP leader for taking this step at a moment when the Tropical Storm Hilary was affecting the region.

In a statement, Bass said this was an “evil” act as it endangered the lives of “vulnerable migrants” by sending them with their children and family under such a strong tropical storm inside a bus. She also said that Abbott took this step at the same moment she was warning Angelenos about the tropical storm, and pointed out this could cause “extreme” weather conditions in the city.

In another part of the statement, the LA mayor added that she felt surprised by Abbott’s decision as she claimed he knows and understands the danger of thunderstorms and hurricanes. She then noted this was a “despicable act” that went beyond politics.

In a separate statement, the Mayor’s office said that the migrants left Brownsville, Texas on August 20, and safely arrived at the LA Union Station. The office also pointed out that Bass and her team knew about the migrants’ transportation to the city at the same moment when the emergency operations center was making efforts to handle the tropical storm.

During an interview with NBC News, the Texas governor’s press secretary Andrew Mahaleris said that bus drivers received the most updated weather conditions “along their routes” to sanctuary cities across the country. He added that the bus that went to Los Angeles took different paths to keep the migrants’ lives safe.

In another part of the interview, Mahaleris said migrants who decided to travel to Los Angeles signed a voluntary consent waiver, which noted they agreed on “the destination.” He then said that these migrants were properly processed and released by federal authorities. Finally, he said that the buses that transport these migrants to sanctuary cities are properly stocked with water and food.

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