LA Threatens Religious Freedom

LA Threatens Religious Freedom

( – A few weeks ago, Pastor John MacArthur led his congregation to defy California Governor Gavin Newsom’s (D) order for churches to stop indoor services indefinitely. But, the local government is now pushing back against this righteous rebellion.

The City of Los Angeles issued a cease-and-desist letter to Grace Community Church, threatening a $1000 daily fine and the arrest of MacArthur if meetings continue.

To combat this attack on religious liberty, lawyers Charles LiMandri and Jenna Ellis will represent the church. Ellis also serves as private counsel to President Trump and as the senior legal advisor on the Trump 2020 campaign. LiMandri notes how this order to stop congregations does not apply to similar gatherings, such as “protestors… marijuana dispensaries, large retail outlets and factories, and abortion providers.”

Pastor MacArthur and his legal team stand to protect the right for religious groups to gather without federal interference. This freedom is one all Americans should hold tight to prevent future unconstitutional government overreach.

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