Lancet Scrubs Entire COVID Origins Team Amid Worries About Them

Lancet Scrubs Entire COVID Origins Team Amid Worries About Them

( – Many researchers believe they have a good idea of where the coronavirus started, although there’s still some controversy over the specifics. A prominent medical journal recently disbanded its entire research team due to circumstances involving the Wuhan lab in China, the alleged origin of COVID-19. 

The National Pulse exposed the research team leader. The Lancet was employed to investigate the virus’ origins. After the investigation uncovered that Peter Daszak, President of EcoHealth Alliance and team-lead for the investigative group, had ties to the Wuhan lab, Lancet disbanded the team and closed the investigation. 

Daszak’s ties to the Wuhan lab and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are apparent as he had led conferences the CCP sponsored and co-authored studies the Chinese government funded. The Lancet created two commissions: Origins, Early Spread of the Pandemic, and One Health Solutions to Future Pandemic Threats, headed by Chairman Jeffery Sachs. 

The commission, established in June of 2020, was short-lived. In November, the researchers selected Daszak to lead the team. Daszak was the Chinese media’s favorite American expert, and for good reason. The researcher repeated the CCP’s claims that the virus had started in a country other than China.

Daszak didn’t even investigate the Wuhan lab. Instead, he took the word of his colleagues that the virus couldn’t have originated there. The Lancet is giving up on finding out the origin of COVID-19 as it appears to be too difficult to find a scientist who doesn’t have ties to Daszak or EcoHealth.

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