LA’s Tent City Costs Taxpayers Millions – and It’s Temporary

( – According to a Los Angeles Times September 14 report, Los Angeles officials have been prioritizing speed over price expenses in the construction of a newly sanctioned tent villages for homeless people in East Hollywood. The newspaper pointed out that city authorities are allocating $44,000 per tent, and noted that the overall project will cost about $4 million. This amount will be distributed to restroom facilities, staffing amenities, and the installation of fencing. Other expenses include catering services and round—the—clock staffing accounted for an annual outlay of an additional $3 million.

Despite the price, different reports have pointed out that the site, which is located on a parking lot that will be transformed into public housing, is only temporary. However, the Los Angeles Times noted that the city will keep filling the space with tents during the time it takes the construction to end, which could be in a couple of years.

As reported by The Messenger, a controversial San Francisco-based non-profit named Urban Alchemy maintains the camp village. This non-profit mostly hired former prisoners when it launched back in 2018. When the news broke out, Urban Alchemy said in a statement that it took this step because it believe former prisoners can read people in the most “unpredictable situations.” However, numerous lawsuits have been accusing many of these employees of violence and abusive behavior over the last few years.

Despite these scandals Urban Alchemy managed to expand into Portland and Austin, bringing in over $50 million in 2021. The non-profit has been offering what it considers a “practical solution” to build fast and cheap housing for the state’s 172,000 homeless people. It has also offered more intangible perks such as autonomy and even safety.

The Messenger noted that the tents located in East Hollywood are some of the most expensive in the market because of their quality. These include full beds, storage lockers, and even wooden platforms.

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