Las Vegas Has Invested BILLIONS Into Sports

( – Las Vegas has been known for gambling, partying, and being a lively city, but now they are taking up a new sector after they put billions into the sports industry.

Las Vegas has added a few different sports leagues including a National Football League, National Hockey League, Women’s National Basketball, Soccer League, and a Major League Baseball Team is in the works as well. They have also made plans to bring in a Formula 1 race and they also will be hosting Super Bowl 58 this year.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority CEO, Steve Hill, said “We’re not really concerned about our supply of fun being more than the United States or the world can handle. We’re going to keep adding to that, and we’re confident that people around the globe are going to continue to come.”

The Allegiant Stadium is a huge stadium that will hold the Super Bowl this year and it was a $2 billion build that was originally built for the Las Vegas Raiders and can house 65,000 people. This has brought the city many different events to host such as the infamous Beyonce and Taylor Swift concerts, as well as the Super Bowl this year.

“It’s not just that the NFL’s here, which is fantastic and a recognition of the maturity of Las Vegas. We’re having 50 events a year at Allegiant Stadium, and they’re all huge,” said Hill.

The stadium has brought in 1.52 million visitors into the area and the economic impact was over $2 billion. The city has seen an increase in not only visitors but also those who are looking to relocate to the city for job opportunities as well.

Many think that this might be a bad decision for the city to invest so much into sports and entertainment, however many others think that this will help bring the city to the level people desire.

“Las Vegas has overcome its Sin City attitude or behavior pattern, or at least the belief system that it is, and it has moved more toward a very safe, desirable city to live in with reasonable costs, ” says Eric Fernwood, who is the co-founder of Fernwood Real Estate Investment Group.

The controversy continues as people are discussing the future of this city and the possible issues with climate change, funding, and water scarcity.

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