Lauren Boebert Slams “Jihad Squad” Ilhan Omar

Lauren Boebert Slams

( – Last week, the House of Representatives took an extreme stance over a tweet posted by Republican Representative Paul Gossar. In response, Rep. Lauren Boebert went “scorched Earth” over the hypocrisy involved, and the time Congress could be spending on more important issues facing Americans today.

Boebert’s attacks came after the Democrat-led censuring of Rep. Paul Gosar for a video he released in the tweet. The anime-style cartoon depicts Gosaar attacking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Joe Biden with a sword. Boebert asserts that if the members want to scrutinize one another over their inappropriate behavior, they best start pointing in more relevant directions.

Specifically, Boebert called out the Democrats, stating they “troll the Internet… looking for ways to get offended.” The first-year Republican representative suggested that the end goal was to find ways to strip Republicans of the committee positions before pointing out and focusing on other members’ transgressions.

Boebert then went on to make a two-for-one hit, asking about funds transferred to “Jihad Squad” member Ilhan Omar’s husband, specifying that she wasn’t talking about Omar’s “brother-husband.” She even brought up the allegations concerning Chinese spy Fang Fang and her alleged relationship with Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.)

Did Representative Boebert go too far, or should more representatives be as direct and passionate?

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