Law Enforcement Officers Targeted By Violence

Law Enforcement Officers Targeted By Violence

( – While riots continue to rage across major cities in the US, many protestors have been injured. And, police officers haven’t been spared from injury, either. It’s not just happening at protests, but outside of them where officers are sought out and attacked, or even shot.

Throwing Objects at Police

NYPD First Deputy Commissioner Ben Tucker relayed to his city council that over 350 NYPD officers have been injured in the line of duty during the protests surrounding George Floyd’s death. While there are numerous incidents involving cops, there are a few worthy of note — and some still with assailants on the loose.

Two Brooklyn lawyers have been charged tossing a firebomb into an NYPD vehicle while carrying explosive components to make more. A woman from Catskill, New York, was also arrested after throwing a molotov cocktail into an NYPD vehicle, destroying two windows and injuring the officers inside. She has a history of violence and resisting arrest all across the state.


In Paso Robles, California, a man openly fired on two sheriff’s deputies on June 10. The gunman, Mason James Lira, shot one officer in the head, while the other avoided being hit and pulled his coworker to safety. The gunman eluded the police until he fired upon police again that evening. However, he was not caught that night.

The afternoon of the following day, June 11, officers tracked Lira to a riverbed nearby. According to the San Luis Obispo Press Release, Lira shot one officer in the calf, another in his bulletproof vest, and a third in his thigh during the shootout. All have recovered and the gunman was killed during the incident.

In Oakland, California, a security guard and retired police officer was shot and killed while guarding the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building a few blocks away from the city’s protest site. A second security guard survived, although the building was covered in anti-police graffiti after the incident. The shooter was in a white cargo van at the time and has not been caught yet.

As anger and hostility against cops rise across the country, law enforcement officers continue their duty to guard and protect their communities. Even in the face of mortal danger and angry rioters, they strive to keep communities safe. But, in these unprecedented times, who will protect the protectors?

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