Lawmaker Tried to Bribe Away “ISIS” Bride According to New Report

Lawmaker Tried to Bribe Away

( – No matter how far or long a person runs from their past, it will always catch up with them. One Texas lawmaker is learning that the hard way, with his past rearing its ugly head just as he faces re-election. Perhaps he should have considered that before taking a mistress.

Nicholas Van Campen Taylor (R), Representative for Texas’ 3rd Congressional district, allegedly paid Tonia Joya, his mistress, to stay quiet about their affair. Breitbart has exclusive screenshots of bank statements proving a funds transfer to Joya.

The “sexcapade” allegedly lasted from November 2020 until June 2021. It was during that time Joya claims Taylor paid her $5,000 to stay quiet. Breitbart details how Joya used the $5,000 to pay down her credit card debt. Until now, Taylor’s alleged mistress has been quiet about their love affair. Her bombshell claims come just as the Republican, one of 35 to vote yes to Pelosi’s January 6 Committee, is seeking re-election against several other Republicans.

It appears that along with a number of accusations from opponents, Joya’s allegations have made a significant impact on Taylor’s campaign. The Daily Wire has reported the Republican has dropped out of the race, claiming it was due to the pain he caused his family by having the affair.

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