Lawmakers in Multiple States Push for Ban on Phones in Schools

( – Much debate has surrounded the rules of cell phones and smartphones in schools. Florida and Indiana lawmakers have both passed laws that would require public schools to ban students from using phones during class.

In addition, Washington, Oklahoma, Kansas, Connecticut, Vermont, South Carolina, and Virginia lawmakers are introducing bills that would restrict phones in schools. Georgia is pushing a law that would restrict student’s use of social media while at school as well.

In Minnesota, the lawmakers pushed for an education bill that would require schools to implement a cell phone policy. It stated that The Minnesota Elementary School Principals Association and the Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals would have to “collaborate to make the best practices available to schools on a range of different strategies in order to minimize the impact of cell phones on student behavior, mental health and academic attainment.”

Two Rivers High School in Mendota Heights, Minnesota is one school that has already implemented some sort of restriction on cell phones. They allowed them during lunch but otherwise, they would be confiscated if they were seen any other time.

Katherine Myers, the executive director at LiveMore ScreenLess and also a former teacher, spoke out about Two Rivers’ cell phone policy, saying, “Adults are really quick to tell students how bad their devices are. And that’s a truth but what we forget is all of those benefits.”

She continued, “As a community, we’re all trying to support a bigger goal of balanced intentional use of technology.”

High School junior Evangeline Fuentes from Two Rivers stated that she felt the policy actually helped her, saying “First day of school, we went over a new phone policy and your phone is not allowed to be out from bell to bell.” She added, “I was focused. I wasn’t on my phone.”

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