Lawmakers Pass New Rule That Could Protect Women’s Sports

Lawmakers Pass New Rule That Could Protect Women's Sports

( – Tennessee Lawmakers took steps to protect women’s sports this week, advancing a bill that removes funding from schools that refuse to comply with state law. In 2021, Tennessee enacted legislation banning biological males from participating in female sports in kindergarten through grade 12. If the new bill makes it to the governor’s desk, schools could suffer huge losses for refusing to play by the rules.

According to The Epoch Times, Democrats responded by calling the proposal “another hate bill,” accusing Republicans of making an issue where there isn’t one. Republican State Representative John Ragan said the bill is about reality, not hate. He notes that the law is the same no matter who you are and that nobody gets a special exemption. Ragan says that for him, “the definition of absurdity is denying reality.”

Transgender athletes in school sports became a hot political issue after NCAA Women’s 500M Champion, biological male Lia Thomas, had a banner season of shattering pool records and leaving her competition wondering what happened. Thirty-four states currently have legislation pending to try to make sure school sports are safe and fair for everyone involved.

Should biological males be allowed to play and dominate women’s sports because they “choose” to be female?

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