Lawmakers Say AI Can Make “Congress More Efficient”

( – A Republican House lawmaker is drawing attention to the good and bad of bringing AI into the operations of Congress and what this could mean for lawmakers.

As AI is becoming more and more popular, we’ve seen many different lines of work bring on AI and look into how it can benefit their line of work or business. We can now add the U.S. Congress as one of them, and they are now discussing the potential effects of using AI in their day-to-day operations.

House Committee on Administration Chairman Bryan Steil said, “I think of this as a tool in a toolkit that’s made Congress more efficient and more responsive. And with any new technology, there are great benefits and there are risks. And we’re managing between both of those.”

He continued, “Our hearing is going to give us that opportunity to both demonstrate that in a transparent way to the American public, but also to gain insights and information about how not only Congress, but all legislative branch entities such as the Library of Congress or Government Accountability Office can be utilizing AI to do the same.”

The hearing will take place next week, and it’s called “Artificial Intelligence: Innovations within the Legislative Branch.” The main reason for this hearing is to allow people to demonstrate and consider the potential effects of bringing AI into Congress’s daily life as well as other government branches.

They have been releasing several reports over the last couple of months describing what they are using AI for at the moment and how the process is being received. Their most recent report was completed in December, and it stated that they were using AI to help assist with chatbots for HelpDesk, as well as drafting emails, memos, and briefing notes. They’ve also been used to help people look into grammatical errors within drafts, speeches, and bills.

The hearing is set to be on Tuesday at 10 a.m. and the main thing that they’re going to look into is how Congress and other judicial departments might be able to leverage artificial intelligence to be more efficient in their day-to-day jobs and help with the mundane tasks.

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