Lawmakers Worried About China’s Base in Cuba

( – Congressmen that are located near Cuba have sounded the alarm after a bombshell investigation showed multiple photos of advanced spy bases in their vicinity. Representative Carlos Gimenez said that there is “no doubt” China has the upper hand in the construction and operation of these spy bases.

He continued to say that China’s official activity there “remains shrouded in secrecy,” and that he had counterintelligence concerns because the area has the Homestead Air Force Base, the Key West Naval Station, and the U.S. Southern Command.

Said Gimenez, “This is an example of the growing influence of China and Russia in our hemisphere.” He continued, “The Biden administration continues to placate our enemies in the hemisphere instead of trying to do what they can to get nonviolent regime change.”

Representative Maria Elvira Salazar spoke out saying, “America must respond with strength and tell the Cuban regime that we will not allow them to restart this new Cold War right on our doorstep.”

Gimenez also warned that China could use their bases in Cuba to observe military operations and training, which would give them an inside look into how the United States military is operating.

Researchers found four different sites they believe support Chinese efforts to spy on the United States using signals intelligence. Signal intelligence is a key part of spycraft and it allows them to intercept transmissions from others.

“Communist China’s latest actions are unprecedented, and to-date the Biden administration has made no response. It will fall to the next president to stand up for the security of the American people in our own hemisphere.” said Victoria Coates, Deputy National Security Adviser.

Gimenez continued to blame the Biden Administration for their lack of reaction to this but hoped that if Donald Trump wins the next election, changes will take place during his term.

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