Lawyer of Uvalde Parents Claims Things Would Have Been Better if Police Had Never Shown Up

Lawyer of Uvalde Parents Claims Things Would Have Been Better if Police Had Never Shown Up

Legal Expert BLASTS Uvalde Police With An Insult They Will Never Forget

( – On May 24, an 18-year-old gunman entered Robb Elementary School and massacred 19 fourth-graders and two teachers. The community has felt betrayed by law enforcement due to their lack of a response to the killer. Now, nearly two months after the shooting, the lawyer representing more than a dozen of the families the massacre impacted is claiming police only made the situation worse.

Making Things Worse

Mark Di Carlo, the attorney representing 15 families for their emotional distress and wrongful death claims expressed in an exclusive interview that if officers never showed up, people “would’ve been better off.” Di Carlo added police tased, beat, and prevented concerned parents from going into the building and attempting to rescue their children. He asked the rhetorical question: What law enforcement agency uses taxpayer money to prevent them from saving their children?

The attorney noted that city and school district officials haven’t released any updates regarding the ongoing investigation. In fact, Di Carlo claimed he’s received letters from other lawyers claiming district officials have hired attorneys and refuse to allow any outside agency in the building or hand over physical evidence until police have completed their “open-ended” investigation.

Exposing Inaction

Dustin Burrows, a conservative Representative for District 83 in Texas tweeted his intention of releasing video evidence from inside the school, noting members of the Uvalde community would get the first look at the footage, then it would become public.

Rep. Burrows, who serves as the chairman for the special Texas House committee looking into the violent act, explained the Uvalde mayor and local law authorities came to an agreement to release part of the video. However, the Texas Department of Public Safety quickly swooped in and rejected the idea, claiming the Uvalde District Attorney had to give the agency a greenlight before it could release the footage.

The Austin American-Statesman later published a 77-minute video of the hallway and body cam footage.

The footage shows just how lackluster police response was. Several officers had protective gear on and were heavily armed yet did nothing to save the children. Instead, they walked around, talking on cell phones and dispensing hand sanitizer. Some looked at floor plans of the school but not a single one ever attempted to breach the room the shooter was in, even after hearing multiple gunshots.

It’s unclear why police didn’t act sooner, especially with the knowledge the 18-year-old was killing children. Perhaps Di Carlo is right, maybe the situation would’ve turned out differently if law enforcement had never arrived.

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