Leaked Audio Reveals Trump Discussing Military Secrets

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to a CNN June 25 report, the network obtained audio of former President Donald Trump discussing military material he took with him after leaving office. In the audio clip, the former commander-in-chief can be heard describing one document on potential US attacks against Iran.

The document in question was compiled by General Mike Milley, who was the Trump administration’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. CNN explained that the discussion was recorded during a reunion in Bedminster New Jersey with people working on the memoir of the Trump administration’s chief of staff Mark Meadows in 2021.

In the two-minute audio clip, the former president can be heard asking his guest if it wasn’t “amazing” that Milley said, “I wanted to attack Iran.” Trump then said that he has a “big pile” of papers that just came in. The former commander-in-chief can then be heard saying off the record that these documents were provided by Milley and the “Defense Department.”

At one moment in the audio, Trump tells his guest that the number of papers he has “wins my case.” However, he adds that the documents contain “secret information,” pointing out that he could only declassify these documents during his time as president.

The former commander-in-chief also joked with people in his room after mocking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton because of the email server scandal. Trump said he would have printed everything instead of sending it to “pervert” Anthony Weiner.

According to different reports, this audio clip is one of the main pieces of evidence in the case of Special Counsel Jack Smith into Trump’s mishandling of classified documents. Trump responded to this clip on June 26, criticizing Smith and claiming this audio was “an exoneration.”

On June 9, the Department of Justice indicted the former president on 37 criminal charges over his alleged mishandling of classified documents. This indictment cites the conversation heard in the audio.

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