Leaked Documents Expose Top Level of American Government

Leaked Documents Expose Top Level of American Government

(AmericanProsperity.com) – After President Joe Biden forced the US military to pull out its last troops from Afghanistan on August 31, hundreds of Americans and more Afghans still awaited evacuation.  Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and advocacy groups rallied to rescue those left in the country, and it turns out that the State Department did very little to help them. Some say it actually hindered the evacuations.

On Tuesday, September 7, Fox News published excerpts from a leaked State Department (DOS) email detailing how the DOS will not allow charter flights leaving Afghanistan to land at Department of Defense (DOD) airbases. The email emphasized how the State Department “will not provide an approval” for the private flights to their destination countries, either. Instead, it will only give a “no objection” acknowledgment to the destination government.

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce expressed her frustration with this latest move from the top level of Biden’s government:

Multiple people from rescue groups have voiced their criticisms of this decision from the State Department, especially in light of President Biden’s promise to do everything in his power to get all Americans and eligible Afghan refugees out of the nation. Hopefully, public pressure will encourage the federal government to find a new way to support these rescue flights while protecting our military men and women.

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