Leaked Messages Show Officers Giddy to Crush Freedom Convoy

Leaked Messages Show Officers Giddy to Crush Freedom Convoy

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The Freedom Convoy is getting the Canadian government’s attention, although it’s not the reaction they were hoping for or expecting. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has enacted Canada’s Emergency Act, giving him nearly absolute power. Not all Canadians seem upset with the effort to crush the rebellion, with some who swore to protect their communities becoming the very danger they sought to fight.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Messages

It appears the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is more than happy to deal with protestors in an aggressive manner — well, some of them. RebelNews.com reported on the shocking development, noting one member of the RCMP’s Musical Ride said in a group chat that it was time for protestors to hear the RCMP’s jackboots on the ground.

After receiving criticism from others in the group, the same member added that they could offer free hugs and unicorn stickers. RCMP’s Musical Ride is dedicated to helping officers on the front line by building positive relations with the community, promoting the RCMP’s image, and supporting their recruitment effort. However, this latest move isn’t likely to sit well with the public.

The RCMP released a statement regarding the alleged incident, noting that the individual didn’t represent the service as a whole or their values.

Violent Response

On February 20, a civilian oversight agency reported on a horse-mounted Toronto police officer who allegedly used the horse to trample a 49-year-old disabled woman. According to one Twitter user, Ottawa Police claimed the woman threw her disability scooter at authorities.

In the group chat, the officer in question mentioned watching the video of the horse trampling the woman, calling it awesome, and noting they should train their horses to do that. The Special Investigation Unit released a statement asserting it’s looking into the incident.

Trudeau’s emergency powers give him the ability to use all of the government resources he can for whatever he wants; in this case, it’s to end the Freedom Convoy. Apparently, he has no issue with using the police to squash the protestors, even if they must do so aggressively. Canadians no longer can peaceably assemble with the Emergency Act in effect.

On February 20, the Ottawa Police declared they arrested 191 people, filed 389 charges, and forced tow trucks to remove almost 100 vehicles from the Canadian capital.

In addition to the brutality, authorities reveal to the Freedom Convoy protestors that they’ve added anyone who brought a minor could pay as much as a $5,000 fine and/or face five years in prison. Police also mentioned that suspects’ bank accounts, whether they’re personal or for business, are also subject to examination.

It appears Canada could be moving away from Democracy and toward a full-on authoritarian state.

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