Leftists Advocate Pushes for Drag Queen Classes in Schools

Leftists Advocate Pushes for Drag Queen Classes in Schools

Advocates Introduce SICKENING New Curriculum In Schools

(AmericanProsperity.com) – What schools teach children has become a hotly debated topic as many try to implement LGBTQ ideologies into elementary schools. Progressives and conservatives are both trying to pass bills to push for either the implementation of such curricula or to ban their distribution to students. Sometimes one side draws inspiration from the other, much like with this lawmaker.

Democratic member of California’s State Senate Scott Wiener took notice of a bill that Texas State Representative Bryan Slaton (R) introduced that would ban children from attending drag shows.

Wiener noted on his Twitter account that Slaton gave him an idea, claiming he would introduce a bill that would require students K-12 to learn about drag queens called Drag Queen 101. The California Democrat asserted that attending Drag Queen Story Time would be enough to fulfill the requirement.

The Daily Wire reported the state senator didn’t respond to their request for comment on the tweet, adding it’s unclear whether or not Wiener may have been joking. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the lawmaker introduced controversial legislation.

Early in 2019, Wiener introduced a bill that would soften the consequences for sodomizing a minor, exempting an offender from mandatory registration if the minor was less than a decade younger than them. The radical leftist’s past history with controversial bills surrounding children makes it likely he may have been serious.

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