Leftists Start Banning Words That Could Be Perceived as “Racist”

Leftists Start Banning Words That Could Be Perceived as

Using This Word Could Get You Labeled As RACIST In Biden’s New America

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Left-wing activists constantly make it seem as though they’re fighting for the rights of minorities in the United States. However, taking a deeper look will uncover it’s nothing but a show. Their recent “liberation” of minorities came in the form of banning a single word from their state laws because it allegedly has racist ties.

In a crazy series of events, Washington State’s legislature recently voted to pass House Bill 1210. The bill will effectively replace the word “marijuana” with the word “cannabis” in all of the state’s laws regarding the drug. Despite having Spanish roots, the bill’s sponsor, Representative Melanie Morgan (D), claims the word “marijuana” comes from racist origins.

Representative Morgan explained the recreational use of the drug has become popular, and in the process, it has often been associated with immigrants from Mexico in a negative way. The Democrat admitted it’s only one word but asserted the change is correcting the wrongs people of color have endured regarding cannabis.

Morgan quoted Harry Anslinger, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics’ first commissioner, who claimed the drug was responsible for the most violence. He attributed the use of marijuana to “Negroes, Hispanic, Caribbean, and entertainers,” adding their actions stemmed from the use of the drug.

The Democrat explained the word functioned in a racist way to incarcerate people of color. Washington Governor Jay Inslee quickly signed the bill after his state legislators passed it with a unanimous vote.

While they certainly think they’re helping, it seems like quite a waste of time to ban a single word. Doesn’t the state of Washington have bigger fish to fry? More important issues to address? How does this actually help minorities?

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