Liberal Candidate Records ILLICIT Video For Attention

Democratic Candidate Records Illicit Video With a Woman

Independent Congressional Candidate Records Illicit Video With a Woman

( – The race for New York’s 12th Congressional District is down to three candidates. Incumbent Jerrold Nadler beat out fellow Democrat Carolyn B. Maloney and two others, making him a likely winner in the upcoming midterms. Still, Republican opponent Mike Zumbluskas and independent candidate Mikhail Itkis continue to hang on, hoping to gain more attention before the final vote. The latter even made an illicit video to prove his commitment.

City and State NY reported that Itkis understood he had little chance of winning the Manhattan seat, but he made and released the video to create “a conversation piece.” He felt the need to demonstrate his stance — quite publicly — that this type of work should be legal. To drive home his point, he hired an actress to star in the 13-minute clip, which he uploaded to an adult site.

Zumbluskas commented on the tape without any overt judgment, noting the difficulties non-Democrats had in gaining attention in the district. Nadler remained silent on the matter.

Itkis, who identifies as an unmarried, non-celibate atheist with no children, is also staunchly against court-imposed child support. The 53-year-old independent candidate believes courts should only compel fathers who agreed ahead of time to help raise a child to contribute to the child’s upbringing. He doesn’t address covering the massive expenses of the single mothers who would deal with them alone otherwise.

What do you think? Is Itkis making a point, or is he just another public figure hoping to gain some attention in all the wrong ways?

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