Liberal College Professors Back Ex-Harvard President

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( – Claudine Gay was the President of Harvard before resigning due to scrutiny of what people believed was an antisemitic answer to a question and being exposed for over 50 counts of plagiarism in her documents. Gay decided to step down as President, but stay a faculty member at Harvard due to the comments, threats, and calls for resignation after her controversial statement.

“It is a singular honor to be a member of this university, which has been my home and my inspiration for most of my professional career,” Gay wrote as she started her resignation letter.

Despite all of the accusations and her resignation, many Liberal college professors stood up for her and defended her on social media. Many of them went to X, formerly Twitter, and spoke about how they felt.

Boston University professor Ibrim X Kendi posted, “What these racist mobs are doing should be obvious to any reporter who cares about truth or justice as opposed to conflicts and clicks,” on X regarding the situation.

Kendi continues with, “The question is whether all these people would have investigated, surveilled, harassed, written about, and attacked her in the same way if the Harvard president in this case would have been White. I. Think. Not.”

Roopika Risam, a Dartmouth Assistant Professor said, “ I am just absolutely livid that President Gay is resigning. They were always going to come for the leader who’s a brilliant Black woman,” on X regarding the situation.

Others claimed that this was a “load of garbage” and that they “should be really concerned.” They stood behind Gay even through the accusations and her official resignation from Harvard.

There was tons of controversy about this but one thing that the department is holding onto is Gay’s immense amount of plagiarism in her documents. The Washington Free Beacon was the first to speak out about Gay’s plagiarized work. They said that “almost half of her published work” was plagiarized. They also stated that, “In a 2001 article, Gay lifts nearly half a page of material verbatim from another scholar, David Canon, a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin.”

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