Liberals Demand Internet Censorship

Liberals Demand Internet Censorship

( – In 2016, Hillary Clinton demanded political speech be regulated on social media to control misinformation. At the time, that was unthinkable. In the years since, and now especially due to COVID-19, online censorship practices are growing at a tremendous pace.

It seems the only thing spreading faster than the disease is censorship and loud calls for restrictions of free speech. An article published on April 25th by Harvard Law School professor Jack Goldsmith and University of Arizona law professor Andrew Keane Woods praised internet censorship. They say China got censorship right and America got free speech wrong.

The justification for promoting censorship is to combat “fake news” on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In the last number of months, the three sites have intensified their levels of censorship against conservative speech in particular. Last week, YouTube removed two videos of California doctors who argued statistically COVID-19 is not nearly as dangerous as it was presented and some deaths labeled as COVID-19 were not.

Goldsmith and Woods argue in their paper Americans should resist those “urging a swift return to normal.” The “new normal” being discussed by Democrats is what they want the public to accept. By exploiting the crisis, Liberals hope to convince Americans tightening free speech is a good thing.

The question is, do they really want a new normal, or do they want the old normal China gives to their citizens?

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