Long-Time Farmer Says Shortages Are Imminent

Long-Time Farmer Says Shortages Are Imminent

Long-Time Farmer Reveals What’s On The Horizon

(AmericanProsperity.com) – American farmers work hard to produce food for the United States and its exports. As the source of much of the country’s food supply, these dedicated workers are also often the first to know when shortages are on the way. A prominent member of the farming community recently asserted that Americans won’t soon be seeing high prices in the grocery store; they’ll be looking at empty shelves.

News Nation recently conducted an interview with John Boyd Jr., a fourth-generation farmer, former policymaker, and current president of the National Black Farmers Association. Boyd said agricultural workers are feeling the sting of high fertilizer and fuel costs as truck drivers are suffering escalated diesel prices. Boyd explained that all those increases will eventually hit the consumer in the store, which many shoppers have already experienced.

The life-long farmer explained that the US has enjoyed an abundance of food for a long time. He added that with it becoming more and more difficult for farmers to produce everyday goods like soybeans, corn, and corn syrup, the shelves are going to become vacant and bare until the entire country feels the pinch. Boyd ended his segment by asserting that while Americans don’t find doctors or lawyers to be an everyday necessity, they do need their farmers. Yet, people often think of these workers last, often not realizing how important their jobs really are.

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