Look What Democrats Want For Police Now

Democrats Claim They Are Close to More Police Funding

Democrats Claim They Are Close to More Police Funding

(AmericanProsperity.com) – House Democrats claim they want more funding for cops. In the wake of disastrous “defund the police” messaging from far-Left groups, the party now looks to resolve its inner conflicts and move forward. While still unofficial, members seem confident that they’ll get to vote on a comprehensive law enforcement package before the chamber adjourns for the election season.

On September 19, a source close to negotiations on both the police bill and an elusive stock ban told The Hill Democrats are confident they’ll be able to campaign with two more legislative wins under their belts. The packages will likely get a vote by the end of the week. They include items that will fund typical policing, grant opportunities for mental health responses to emergency calls, and add other provisions aimed at preventing community-based violence.

Moderate Democrats continue to struggle with the far-Left base, particularly the Congressional Black Caucus, a strong opponent of the talks as they stand. The group contends that the package is incomplete without provisions that help quell the disproportionate amount of police abuse aimed at minorities.

The proposed stock ban would forbid lawmakers from owning or trading stocks while in office. The close relationship between several federal agencies and congressional oversight committees leads to conflict-of-interest issues difficult to address. Legislators often find themselves voting on bills that directly affect their financial portfolios.

Neither issue has any hope of making it through the Senate before the election recess.

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