Look Who Just Got A New Mayor!

Los Angeles Just Got A New Mayor

Los Angeles Just Got A New Mayor

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The city of Los Angeles made history this midterm election, as it will now be run by its first female mayor. Representative Karen Bass (D-CA) beat her contender, billionaire conservative businessman Rick Caruso, for the position.

According to Politico, the 69-year-old Representative spoke to supporters in the Wilshire neighborhood of LA, outside of the Ebell Theatre. During her speech, Bass declared the people of the city had spoken. The soon-to-be mayor pledged she would make crime prevention a top priority. Bass also promised to solve homelessness as well as make the City of Angels an affordable place for people to raise their families.

While the Democrat ultimately won the race against Caruso, despite him outspending her 11-1, according to the LA Times, it was a close race for much of the week-long vote counting process. Near the end of the week, the Representative took the lead. Caruso, a former Republican, had spent over $100 million out-of-pocket in an attempt to beat Bass, but it wasn’t enough.

Caruso conceded, with the Representative leading by around six percentage points, giving Caruso the win on November 16. In addition to being the city’s first female mayor, Bass will be the second black American to sit in the LA mayor’s office.

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