Los Angeles Branch of BLM Comes Out In Support of Hamas

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The Los Angeles branch of Black Lives Matter (BLM) expressed on its Instagram account its full support for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas on October 10. The radical left-wing organization publicly endorsed the radical Islamist group’s terror raids on Israel, referring to what they did as “resistance” and an act “of self-defense.”

BLM Los Angeles, which has nearly 300,000 followers, was reposting a statement from its partner organization BLM Grassroots. The statement noted that this radical left-wing organization needs to always stand on the side of those who are “oppressed.” It also pointed out that people’s “resistance” should never be condemned when they suffer decades of violence and “apartheid.” Given this reason, BLM said the organization understood what Hamas did as a “desperate act of self-defense.”

As reported by numerous media outlets all over the world, the Islamic terrorist group entered Israel and killed hundreds of innocents while committing all types of atrocities. Different reports revealed that the Hamas terrorists slaughtered children and elders, raped dozens of women, and even kidnapped at least 100 innocents to have them as hostages in the Gaza Strip.

In the statement, BLM said that the organization needs to understand the resistance of Palestinians as an effort to destroy the gate of the “largest open-air prison” in the world. BLM also said it sees a “clear parallel” between Hamas and this organization, as it said that black people in the United States are also fighting to end “militarism” and mass incarceration in “our own communities.”

The radical-left-wing organization closed its statement by claiming that BLM, just like Hamas, is also grounded in “radical” abolitionist ideals. It pointed out that BLM also dreams of a world where “our people” could finally live in a “decolonized land.” The organization also said that Israeli Jews were acting as “setter colonialists” and claimed that BLM looks forward to the day when borders, prisons, and police finally “crumble.”

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