Low Census Numbers Could Impact Balance of Power

Low Census Numbers Could Impact Balance of Power

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Every 10 years, the Census Bureau tries to record every American’s information, including where they live. These critical statistics influence the next decade’s federal programs, spending decisions, congressional seats, and overall political flow. But, with a looming census deadline, many citizens are unaccounted for.

Some demographic models show that states like Montana and Oregon could add House seats, where others, including California and Alabama, would lose some. However, these estimates are based on a perfect count.

Texas and Florida were on track to add two and three seats, respectively, based on population estimates from the past few years. However, they both have low response rates compared to the 63% national average, making those additional seats more difficult to snag.

Nearly every state’s officials are urging their inhabitants to fill out the census, including the City of Clearwater in Florida:

Overall, current demographics show suburban and rural areas with higher response rates. These groups lean Republican, which could shift power and congressional seats away from the Liberal-leaning cities.

A complete census ensures every American has their voice heard in the next decade and keeps voting power distributed equally throughout the country. There’s a lot on the line as states and cities scramble to increase their response rates.

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