Lt. Governor on GOP: “Our Message Is Working”

Lt. Governor on GOP:

( – Midterms are only months away, and the battle for the House and the Senate are on. Democrats are seeking to keep control of both chambers of Congress as Republicans look to regain majorities. One Lieutenant Governor believes the GOP’s message is working, spelling trouble for some Democrats.

Winsome Sears spoke about numerous topics ranging from the American Dream and school choice to Republicans winning across the nation. Sears herself became the first black woman in the state of Virginia to hold a state office when she became the lieutenant governor. The Republican expressed that parents will always fight for their kids, which she explained was a major reason Republicans had an advantage.

The lieutenant governor said that when America starts to see Democrats act and sound like conservatives, they’ll know the GOP’s message is working. She explained that when schools are allowing boys and girls in the same bathroom, allowing sexual assaults to occur, there’s a problem. Along with the racial divide the Left is creating, issues have spiraled to the point where kids aren’t learning anything. Sears talked about how forcing children to wear masks in school was also a problem for the Democratic party.

The lieutenant governor noted that when people begin to realize all common sense has left, they’ll want it to come back. To bring the country back to normalcy, Sears asserted, people need to vote Republican. If she’s right, this could be a major boost of momentum for a minority party looking to take over the chambers of Congress.

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