Maher Aligns with Trump on Failure of American Education

School classroom with school desks and blackboard in Japanese high school

( – HBO host Bill Maher said on December 1 that he supports the view of former president and presidential candidate Donald Trump about the way some American students are being taught to hate the United States. In the latest episode of his “Real Time” show, Maher started to talk about the issue with conservative journalist Dave Rubin and Democratic Party strategist James Carville after discussing the rise of antisemitism in American colleges.

The HBO host explained that Trump’s plan of making schools teach students to love their country “doesn’t bother me so much.” He told his guests he supports the Republican leader on the matter because the consequence of today’s education is that the country will have a “bunch” of kids who are now expressing support for Hamas as its future leaders.

Maher then told Carville that antisemitism has suddenly become one of the main problems that the Democratic Party is facing right now, as many liberals are publicly asking for the extermination of Jews by chanting “from the river to the sea.” He also told the Democratic strategist that the party has a generational split where the youngests are openly pro-Palestine and the older support Israel.

Carville responded that Trump and conservatives have also shown antisemitism, and cited the debunked claim that the former president said that everyone at the 2017 Charlottesville rally were “fine people.” However, Rubin corrected him and explained Trump never did that.

Carville then seemed to downplay Maher’s claims, as he said that the only thing he believes about the issue is that those “young liberals” who are supporting Hamas instead of Israel are just “uneducated” individuals. He also said they are “stupid” for not understanding the conflict between Palestine and Israel, but pointed out that young people have been “stupid for a long time.”

Maher replied that it “wasn’t always like this” and blasted White House and congressional staffers who organized a call for a ceasefire in the Jewish state. He also said he never thought he would see staffers of the White House protesting against “Their president.”

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