Mail-In Ballots May Be Counted Days After Election

Mail-In Ballots May Be Counted Days After Election

( – Every four years marks a change in the course of America’s future with its presidential election. However, this upcoming election is running into some unique problems. This year, some perceive voting in-person to be unsafe due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The push for mail-in voting is large, but the deadline to count them raises many eyebrows.

Democrats Push Pennsylvania’s Mail-In Ballot Deadline

On Thursday, September 17, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania granted a three-day extension to the state’s mail-in ballots. In most states, including Pennsylvania, these ballots are usually due by the end of Election Night to be counted in the general vote. This year, Election Day is November 3.

However, with this extension, ballots can now be counted as late as 5 PM on November 6. Pennsylvania’s Democratic Party sued for this deadline extension amid the controversy surrounding USPS’ recent mail delays.

But, support for alternatives to in-person voting comes from both sides of the aisle. President Donald Trump encouraged supporters to consider alternatives:

Mail-In Ballot Deadlines Across the US

Currently, 20 states accept ballots arriving after election day. Four of them require them to be postmarked the day before Election Day. Some states, like Utah and Illinois, will count absentee and mail-in ballots as late as 14 days after the election.

Across the board, however, states encourage voters to send their votes in as early as legally possible to ensure on-time delivery. Some voters in New Jersey already received theirs for this year.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules on Ballot Harvesting

In a separate, but related decision released on Thursday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down third parties who desired to deliver absentee ballots to their proper destination within the state. President Trump celebrated this victory over “ballot harvesting:”

As the election season continues to heat up, it’s vital that every American knows how to safely and legally vote in their state. Holding tight to a free and fair election will keep our nation safe in the coming years.

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