Majority Of Americans Support Military Presence Near Taiwan

( – According to a Reagan Institute June 26 poll, most Americans support an increase in the United States military presence around Taiwan. The poll was published at a moment when the Asian island faces an increased threat from the Chinese regime. It also comes a couple of weeks after the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken declared that the Biden administration won’t support “Taiwan independence.”

The poll indicates that 56 percent of Americans would support Washington sending more troops to Taiwan as a way to discourage China from invading this country. The poll also showed that only 30 percent of Americans would oppose this move, as they claim this could escalate tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Because of the different threats that the Asian island is facing from China, the poll from the Reagan Institute revealed that 52 percent of Americans support increasing arms sales. Respondents explained this would be an efficient way of deterring China’s expansionist ambitions by allowing Taiwan to defend itself from an invasion. However, 31 percent responded they would fully oppose this move.

Additionally, 61 percent of respondents said they support American lawmakers who have met with Taiwanese leaders. According to the Reagan Institute, they said this was the proper step as it was a way of showing support for a “threatened democracy.” Meanwhile, only 21 percent opposed these meetings, arguing this would provoke the Chinese regime.

In a press release, the Reagan Institute said that respondents showed overwhelming support for the idea of a strong US leadership in the geopolitical sphere. The institute’s director Roger Zakheim said that these results showed that most Americans still have core principles that have remained intact over the last few decades. He noted that one of the main principles is the support for increasing the strength of the US armed forces.

Zakheim added that this poll revealed most Americans still want the US to show world leadership in line with President Ronald Reagan’s “peace through strength” principle.

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