Majority of Democrats Want Unvaxxed Forcibly Confined

Majority of Democrats Want Unvaxxed Forcibly Confined

( – What has happened to America? At one point, it was the gem of the world, the leader of democracy, and the hero everyone else needed; in World War II, the US helped to fight the oppression Germany brought upon Europe. Now, the US is facing oppression on its soil from the very people who claim to love it.

Rasmussen Reports recently conducted a poll that found troubling results. The collaborative effort between Rasmussen and the Heartland Institute discovered that most Democrat voters support the idea of punishing unvaccinated individuals. While some suggested fines, others had some spine-chilling suggestions.

The joint poll found that 59% of Democratic voters support the idea of the government forcing unvaccinated individuals to remain confined in their homes unless an emergency requires them to leave. Nearly half of Democrat voters also believe that the government should issue fines or even imprison anyone who speaks out against the vaccine and its effectiveness. Another 45% support the idea of putting these individuals in designated areas. Sound familiar? Fascism at its finest.

The Utah-based Salt Lake Tribune called on Spencer Cox (R), Governor of Utah, to mobilize the National Guard to control the unvaccinated. The paper demanded the government force people unvaccinated against COVID-19 to stay in their homes, not allowed to go anywhere or do anything. Use the US military against the American people, the very people they’re sworn to protect? Is this really what America has become? Where will it go from here?

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