Man Accused of Stealing a Rental Car

Man Accused of Stealing a Rental Car

( – Millions of Americans have rented vehicles for one reason or another. Some rent them more often than most, earning a privileged status among rental agencies — but there may be a glitch in the system. A New Hampshire man is facing felony charges after he allegedly stole a rental car, and he’s not the only one.

Charles Doucett spent two weeks in a Florida jail after the car rental agency Hertz accused him of stealing one of their cars. Doucett claims the agency’s allegations are false.

Doucett was returning from a cruise vacation with his girlfriend in Florida when authorities arrested him. Hertz had reported a car theft and named Doucett as their suspect, but he says he’s a routine customer of the company, boasting the top-tier “President’s Circle” status.

The New Hampshire man explained that he rented a car for his business in November 2020 and extended the rental several times through March 2021. However, in early March, Hertz reported the car Doucette was renting as stolen. Authorities stopped Doucette in Arizona, towing the car. He presumed it was a mistake, especially since Hertz charged his credit card nearly $4,000, according to financial statements.

Doucette assumed it was over, but a court in Arizona issued a warrant for his arrest. After spending two weeks in jail, he was flown to Arizona in custody. Doucette disclosed documents detailing that he’d paid for the rental. Hertz claims he used a fake ID to rent the car because the company had suspended him from renting their vehicles for failure to pay for a previous car. He is still facing felony charges, but Doucette says this is despite his not being guilty of any crime.

According to “CBS Mornings,” hundreds of people are filing complaints against the agency after also being falsely arrested for stealing rentals. Do they have similar accounts to share, or is there even more to this story?

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