Man Dressed as “The Joker” Arrested for Terrorist Threat

Man Dressed as

Real Life Batman Villain Receives Sentence – His Crime Will SHOCK You

( – A man dressed as the Joker, an infamous Batman villain, recently pleaded guilty to making terroristic threats. The accused claims it was all a prank, and he did it for attention. Even so, authorities didn’t see it that way and arrested the man.

In March 2020, Jeremy Garnier entered a bar and live-streamed threats on Facebook. Police responded to calls of an active shooter, though their suspect wasn’t armed. The man dressed as the Joker noted he threatened to kill people in an effort to gain viewers on his live stream and admitted to doing it for attention. The subject talked about going unarmed because he didn’t want police to think he was actually planning to kill anyone.

The judge presiding over Garnier’s case recently accepted his guilty plea and sentenced the man to 60 days in jail. The court also granted the Joker impersonator credit for time he had already served, which was five and a half months, while he awaited trial. Because the perpetrator had already served more than the 60-day sentence, he didn’t have to spend more time behind bars.

Garnier told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch he learned his lesson to think before acting. The 51-year-old noted that he had no intention of following through with any threats.

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