Man Killed After Sneaking Into Lion Enclosure

Man Killed After Sneaking Into Lion Enclosure

Man Sneaks Into Lion Enclosure – Gets a Dose Of INSTANT Karma

( – Zoos are a great place to take the family — as long as everyone follows the park’s guidelines. When one man decided to break into an enclosure at the Accra Zoo in Ghana, it would be the last decision he ever made. A lion mauled the reckless individual to death.

According to a statement from the Forestry Commission (FC), zoo officials saw the unidentified man, whom they described as being in his 30s, jump the security fence and enter the lions’ enclosure. One of the big cats attacked after the intruder cleared the inner fence. Authorities confirmed the man died from his injuries. The FC has yet to determine the reason for the man breaking into the enclosure but suspects he may have been attempting to steal a cub.

Officials working in the zoo were able to persuade the group of lions, consisting of a male, a lioness, and two cubs, into a secure area so police could recover the body. Law enforcement officers are looking into how the man managed to enter the enclosure.

Meanwhile, the FC investigated the area holding the lions to ensure everything was as it should be. Commission officials asserted that no animals were able to escape, adding there was no threat to the public.

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