Man Receives Fright of His Life While Paying His Respects

Man Receives Fright of his Life While Paying His Respects

( – Many people prefer to limit their interactions with scary things to the confines of Halloween movies and haunted houses. For one California man, though, a simple walk through a graveyard to pay respects turned into quite the horrifying scene.

While strolling through Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery in Sacramento, California, something sticking out of a tombstone caught Joel Morrison’s eye. After starting to film his discovery, Morrison approached the 100-year old grave to find hair sticking out of the corner of the concrete slab covering the grave.

The New York Post shared photos from the scene:

Morrison then looked around to observe many other gravesites that squirrels and tree roots had likely damaged. He told Jam Press he began “to feel bad for the deceased family members and worried about the upkeep of the cemetery.”

While the grave-discoverer went back the following day to investigate more, the hair was gone, likely pushed back into the grave. Morrison planned to give a portion of the hair to a local coroner to determine if it genuinely was human hair or just a horrible prank, but it seems he may never know just where, or whom, from whence that hair came.

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