Man Sentenced to Five Life Terms, No Possibility of Parole

Man Sentenced to Five Life Terms, No Possibility of Parole

( -In June 2018, a man walked into Maryland’s Capital Gazette newspaper office and opened fire on the employees inside, killing five. Now, three years after the tragic incident, that man finally faces jail time. Local courts handed down five separate life sentences, but loved ones say they’ll never get the closure they deserve.

Jurors describe 41-year-old Jarrod Ramos as criminally responsible for the deaths of John McNamara, Rob Hiaasen, Rebecca Smith, Gerald Fischman, and Wendi Winters. All worked for the Capital Gazette at the time of the shooting.

Anne Arundel County Judge Michael Wachs pointed out the fact that Ramos showed little to no signs of remorse for his actions. He then sentenced the convicted murderer to five life sentences without parole.

Judge Michael also pointed out that the defendant told a state psychiatrist that he would kill again if he ever secured his freedom.

Ramos’s legal team argued that he didn’t understand the criminal penalties of his actions at the time of the shooting. However, it took the jury only two hours to reject their claims. Prosecutors drew attention to the fact that Ramos planned for the attack and made preparations for his arrest and eventual incarceration. Thus, he did, in fact, understand the criminality of his actions.

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