Man Who Attacked Airline Employee Received Brain Injury From Prior Attack

Man Who Attacked Airline Employee Received Brain Injury From Prior Attack

( – A confusing incident took place on an American Airlines flight on October 27. Passenger Brian Hsu got into a tangle with a flight attendant that forced the plane to make an emergency landing. Police ultimately charged him with assault and interference with a flight crew, but there may be more to this story than first meets the eye.

An investigation revealed that Hsu was waiting for the restroom when the flight attendant attempted to direct him to his seat. It is at this point their stories diverge.

Hsu alleges that he stretched his arms out and accidentally bumped the attendant’s face. He says she then attacked him, injuring herself in the process.

However, eye-witnesses say they saw Hsu elbow or punch the airline attendant in the face. The strike allegedly caused her to rebound off of the bathroom door, after which she claimed the unruly passenger fractured her nose.

Flight crews transferred the attendant to a local hospital after the plane made an emergency landing in Denver, where doctors diagnosed her with a concussion.

Brian Hsu’s mother, Julia Yu, was also on the plane at the time of the incident. She quickly stepped up to defend her son. Yu says Hsu was on his way home after undergoing brain surgery to treat a severe injury sustained when a street peddler attacked him on a Manhattan street sometime last year.

Hsu’s mother claims his history of traumatic brain injury renders him easily agitated, causing him to suffer from episodes of brain fog. While it isn’t yet clear how much of a role this played in the incident, if any, agents did manage to confirm he is at least somewhat neurologically compromised.

U.S. District Judge Autumn Spaeth heard Hsu’s side of the story in Santa Ana on November 1. She opted to release him on a $10,000 bond. Spaeth is also asking Hsu to submit a mental health evaluation to the courts by November 15.

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