Man With “Mental Health Crisis” Gets Stopped Near Pentagon

Man With

( – People with mental health problems can be unpredictable at times, some even dangerous. Authorities recently stopped a man experiencing a mental health crisis not far from the Pentagon.

According to reports, at around 2:40 a.m., a mentally unstable patient fought with the crew of a Butler Ambulance at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital. After successfully overpowering and fighting off the crew, the patient hopped behind the wheel of the ambulance. Then, the man took it for a joyride, with the lights on and rear doors open, to the Pentagon, where authorities eventually stopped him.

Arlington County Police chased the patient from the hospital across several jurisdictions. For much of the chase, which lasted over 30 minutes, the man drove around 55-60 mph. Scanner traffic indicated the suspect went along I-270, eventually onto the Beltway.

For most of the chase, the man remained on the phone with Montgomery County Dispatch, which pleaded with him to pull over, but he refused. The man eventually made his way into Virginia and took an exit onto I-66.

Around 3:15 a.m., the patient brought the ambulance to a halt near an area next to the Pentagon. Authorities took him into custody without trouble or any further resistance.

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