Manchin Blasts Biden and Praises McCarthy on Debt Limit Controversy

( – West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin blasted US President Joe Biden on Thursday morning for exhibiting what he described as “a deficiency of leadership. Additionally, Manchin praised Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for proposing a strategy to increase the country’s debt limit.

In a statement, Manchin criticized President Biden for not sitting down with the House Leader to negotiate a raise of the limit debt for the proper fiscal reforms that the country needs. The Senator explained that US political leaders need to start working together instead of continuing with “the political games.” He added that the lack of compromise seen in recent months demonstrates a “deficiency in leadership” that must be addressed. He also noted in his statement that time is running out for political leaders to address the debt ceiling crisis through negotiation.

The West Virginia Senator, who is currently facing reelection in a state that is already turning red, has been critical of the Biden administration over the way it has been dealing with the Inflation Reduction Act, which Congress passed in 2022.

On Wednesday, McCarthy released the Republican Party’s solo debt limit legislation, which experts believe a part of it is to force the president to sit and negotiate. This bill, which has numerous GOP policy proposals, would lift the debt limit by $1.5 trillion and allow the federal government to solve its debts through March 2024.

Manchin said that while he disagrees with some points of the House Speaker’s proposal, he said this was a big step to prevent a major crisis. In the statement, the West Virginia Senator said that he applauds McCarthy for creating a proposal that could avoid default. Manchin even said that while McCarthy is committing some mistakes, his proposal is the only bill right now that is moving the House to “prevent default.”

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