Many Americans Stated They Would Favor Medical Debt Forgiveness

( – Many Americans have found themselves with thousands of dollars in medical debt and the effects from it do not go unseen. A recent poll showed that the majority of Americans would support a medical debt forgiveness program.

Janille Williams is one person who would love to buy a home but cannot do so at the moment due to the tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt that he owes. “I was hospitalized for a blood infection for three months more than ten years ago, and the bill was for more than three hundred thousand dollars,” Williams said. “I was in the middle of changing jobs, the only time in my life I haven’t had health insurance.”

He said that the bill went to collections and the debt was lowered to fifty thousand dollars, but that the amount still wasn’t something that he could pay.

Said Williams, “They don’t give you a choice in the hospital. ‘If you leave, you’ll die,’ they told me. I didn’t feel like dying.” He continued, “I don’t think anyone should have to go into financial ruin to live.”

A poll was conducted by the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy in partnership with The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. The survey stated that about half of Americans say it’s very important for the U.S. government to provide medical debt relief to those suffering.

Some states and cities, especially following the pandemic, like New York, New Orleans, and Connecticut, are implementing their own versions of debt forgiveness. Many people have said that they support medical debt forgiveness more for those who experienced fraud, have been paying their payments on time for twenty years, or have large amounts of medical debt compared to their income.

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