Marco Rubio Announces INVESTIGATION Plans – It’s Happening!

Rubio Plans To Investigate The George Floyd Riots

Rubio Plans To Investigate The George Floyd Riots

( – Florida Senator Marco Rubio has big plans for the Left if Republicans regain congressional power. He believes politics have gotten in the way of justice for too long, and according to Newsweek, the lawmaker is ready for a change. A deeper look into possible instigators for the George Floyd Riots will be at the top of his list of investigations.

Rubio appeared on Fox News “The Ingraham Angle” on October 24. During the interview, he insisted Republicans needed to end the insanity and “stop bad things from happening.” A staunch Conservative, he has stood by former President Trump throughout the probes against him. The Florida senator slammed the Mar-a-Lago raid last month, calling it a “narrative” that was purely “political.”

Anticipating a red wave in November, Rubio is gearing up for a swift turn of the tables. First and foremost, he believes Congress needs to hold someone accountable for the riots that occurred in 2020 after then-officer Derek Chauvin’s actions led to detainee George Floyd’s death. Because the former was white and the latter was black, the incident instantly became racially charged. Rubio believes political rhetoric and bail-out efforts assisting rioters encouraged further chaos, and he feels it’s up to the Right to get to the bottom of the matter.

But Rubio has more in store for Democrats should Republicans take the congressional majority. Additional investigations will likely probe Joe and Hunter Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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