Marco Rubio Is Winning By The Skin On His Teeth

Marco Rubio Is Winning By The Skin On His Teeth

Florida Republican Leads Democrat Opponent By a Hair

( – The midterm elections are just around the corner, and it’s going to be a hot one! Races all over the country are heating up as Republicans look to regain control of both chambers of Congress. One race to watch is in Florida, where Republican Senator Marco Rubio barely leads his Democratic opponent, Val Demings.

According to a new Center Street poll, the US Senate seat race in the Sunshine State is closer than incumbent Senator Rubio would probably like. The Republican earned 50% of the support from likely voters. However, Democratic frontrunner Demings isn’t far behind with 42%.

Eight percent of likely voters were undecided, meaning this race could go either way. The competition becomes more intense when accounting for all of the state’s registered voters. With Rubio garnishing only 45%, Demings earning 40%, and remaining voters undecided, the outcome could be uncomfortably close.

According to Breitbart News, the Democrat was losing by a larger margin in March, but Demings, a former police chief, put her campaign efforts into overdrive. She successfully generated more name recognition among voters. Her breakaway position on defunding the police and instead promoting investment into law enforcement is also helping the Democrat.

Despite Demings’ apparent comeback, FiveThirtyEight still has Rubio, a two-term Senator and one-time presidential candidate, “clearly favored” to win 94% to 6%.

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