Marjorie Taylor Green Says “We Have a Communist Government in Charge”

Marjorie Taylor Green Says

( – Republicans in Congress may disagree with their Democratic counterparts, but they don’t make a habit of openly attacking them. However, recent newcomer Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG), who has only been a member of Congress for a few months, has been much more vocal, wasting no time in asserting her position and how she feels.

The Republican US Representative from Georgia may be new to the Capitol, yet she’s already making a name for herself among Americans and standing out from her GOP colleagues. One of the most significant driving points behind MTG is the fact that she stands in solidarity with what she calls the political prisoners of the January 6 incident.

Rep. Greene claimed that what used to be a capitalist US government has now become a communist one. MTG explained that the Biden administration’s actions are similar to what people see in communist countries, such as the way they attack their political opponents and the nature of their policies.

The Republican mentioned Americans aren’t used to seeing that kind of behavior from their officials, and they’re going to need to adapt, becoming more skeptical of the government’s intentions.

MTG explained, Republican voters don’t contact Republicans in Congress and that it makes a difference hearing from the voters, though she did not encourage death threats. Rep. Greene doesn’t think violence is the answer to stopping America from allegedly becoming communist, but she believes that Americans need to take a stand.

Is MTG right? Is the United States falling to communism? What do you think?

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